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High Speed SMT Line

Juki KE-2010 and KE-2020

  • Combined throughput of up to 22,000 components per hour.

  • Component placement down to 0201 and up to 50mm squared components.

  • All placements performed by multi-laster head with four nozzles with the KE-2020 adding one high precision head with bottom view camera for placements of BGAs, QFPs, and odd shaped components.

  • KE-2020 includes a Vision Centering System featuring FlexLighting, All-Ball Recognition for BGAs, and Multi-Imaging for QFPs.

  • Advanced Software package of Host Lead Computer (HLC) and CircuitCam allows native import of CAD/CAM data into placement information.

Ekra Screen Printer E5 XL

  • German engineered performance, winning the 2001 Circuits Assembly Awards for Screen Printing.

  • 2 1/2D Inspection System with two precision cameras -- using the patented EVA vision system.

  • All stencils used are laser cut for precise paste applications.

Heller 1808 EXL

  • Latest generation of Heller Ovens featuring enlarged heating tunnel and baffel-free design to provide six sigma repeatability.

  • Rapid response times and precise temperature controls assure process uniformity, regardless of component density or board loading.

  • Advanced on board KIC thermocouple for PCB profiling and proper zone adjustment for each project.

Vitronics Soltec MySelective 6745

  • Our solution to lead-free wave soldering. The ability to solder point to point thru-hole component leads gives an unrivaled accuracy and the flexibility to work on double sided assemblies.

Glenbrook RTX-113 X-Ray Machine

  • The solution to BGA and QFN placements - the Glenbrook RTX-113 has the ability to detect defects down to .0001 inch. The use of this technology improves quality and inspection of fine pitch components.

Branson Ultrasonic Welding Branson 2000 ae Ultrasonic Welding System

  • Your solution for plastic welding using Branson's patented Amplitude Stepping system, the 2000 ae provides the control for your plastic assembly welding.


  • State of the art Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) provided by the leader of inspection equipment, Omron. Using sophisticated inspection algorithms and patented color highlight technology, the VT-RNSII ptH delivers industry-leading, quality solder-joint analysis and inspection capability.


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